Monday, January 28, 2013

Not snow, nor sleet, nor ice will stop my treadmill run

I love this poster.
Crappy day. Snow, sleet, ice, more ice. Definitely not running outside today. I guess that’s why I bought a treadmill. My goal is 20 miles a week. I don’t always make it.

Time is the enemy. After work, there are several things I want to do. But if I do them, then I won’t have time to run. I don’t know how people so it. People who work and raise kids and own a home and go shopping and walk the dog. There’s just not enough time.

When I first got the treadmill, it was fun. It was big and had all these buttons and programs. Each day I pushed myself a few minutes farther. And then spring arrived. Well, the thing is still big, but not so fun anymore. I really have to force myself to put on running clothes and hop on the thing. Even with music and movies, it’s just not as fun as running outside. It feels more like work. And it's so easy to stop after 30 minutes. Just hit the stop button and the run is over. Outside, it doesn't work that way. If I run two miles out, I have to run two miles back. I couldn't cheat if I wanted to.

Treadmill run 4.25 miles, time 40:20, pace 9:29

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