Friday, June 7, 2013

Back in the country!

Yesterday was national run day. I managed to get in a 4.2 mile run before the rain started.

I have a new hilly running course to tackle. For the last seven years, I’ve been living in a small apartment in the “city” and sometimes going home to the country on weekends. Well, no more of that city stuff. I’m back in the country to stay. I’m working from a home office now and there’s really no reason for me ever to go to the city again, except to buy food and run in races.

It’s hilly, but I like it. Very little traffic, deer, owls, rabbits, and beautiful views that go on forever. And no, or very little garbage, or people to contend with. No sidewalks, but I can run down the middle of the road if I time it right.

I’ve been wondering how I’d do on the hills and the answer is pretty good. My “end of the road and back” route takes me up a small hill, then up a gradual hill for two miles, then I turn around and run up one steep hill, then downhill all the way until I get near my house and have one last hill to tackle. So far my pace has been around 8:40. I’m happy with that. I have yet to run any big hills, but I’m planning a long run for Sunday and there’s no way I can avoid them.

Tomorrow I have a 5K race. Two small hills at the end. I’ve run the course several times and hope to break 26 minutes. I also hope not to run in the rain. The remains of hurricane Andrea are headed this way. At least it’s summer!

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