Wednesday, May 29, 2013

All work and no play

Lousy weather (cold and rainy) and crazy long hours at work have really cut into my running time. Monday I made time to go on a 10-mile run and check out a new running store. The store was closed when I got there, but would hopefully be open on the return trip. My destination was this small, kind of rundown zoo at the top of a hill. I had no intentions of seeing the zoo, just picked it as my turnaround point.

I had 12 ounces of water and was hoping to hit some parks on the way back. It was Memorial Day weekend. The water should be turned on, right? Wrong. Not a working water fountain to be found.

The hill up to the zoo was steep. 1.2 miles of hill. I made it and took a short break while I walked around looking for a water fountain. None to be found. The bathrooms in the little park area outside the zoo were locked. Seriously, what is up with this area?

New running store with WATER!
Then it was time to head back down the hill. I’m not sure which is worse for me, uphill or downhill. Downhill should be easier, but it’s not really. At the bottom of the hill, I swung by the new running store which was open. The owner was happy to see a runner and offered me water. WATER! I looked all around the store. Nice stuff. I don’t need any more running clothes or running gadgets, but I like to look. The store had an Amphipod water belt with four water bottles that I should buy at some point. Summer will arrive and stay eventually and I’m going to need way more than 12 ounces of water for my long runs. And I’ll need new shoes again. The NBs are almost worn out. I thanked the owner for the water and continued my run. I ran along this river walk which is actually quite nice and there were several other runners out enjoying the day. The river walk added a half mile to my run which was fine. I would have liked to have run much farther, but I had too much to do at home.

My next race is June 8th. A 5K to benefit the local humane society. I really need to start pushing myself on short runs if I want to keep my 24 minute finish time. I’d really like to see a 23 minute time for this big race in August. It’s a 5K, but the prize money is good and it attracts a number of elite runners. The finish line is awesome. It’s the kind with a big clock and spectators line it for at least half a mile. And if you’re lucky, the announcer says your name and time as you cross it. Yes, this race has an announcer. How cool is that?

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