Friday, February 8, 2013

Here Comes Nemo

Awaiting the arrival of winter storm Nemo. Since when did we start naming snowstorms? So far not even a flurry, but it’s on its way. Hopefully my area won’t get hit too hard. It looks like the New England states are going to get the worst of it. I’m not a big fan of snow. Or cold. Or winter.

Looks like I'll need my "snow shoes" for tomorrow's race.
Just got an email that the Cupid’s Chase race time has been moved from 10:00 to 2:00. New York City and most of the New Jersey cities have moved their race to the 23rd. Looks like I get to run in the snow. Last year I bought a pair of Avia 5638 Gel Ryd running shoes because they were on sale and bright pink. I like bright pink. They weigh a little more than an average running shoe, but they are excellent for cold weather because they have very little mesh for cold air to slither through. Running shoes are supposed to keep your feet cool, not warm. In the very last January Freeze 10K race that I ran in, where it was 8 degrees, a lot of runners were complaining about frozen feet. Not me! Two pairs of socks and my feet were fine. Until I stop running. Then everything was cold.

Good number. I like even numbers.
I picked up my race number and goodie bag yesterday. Nothing too exciting in the goodie bag. Another cheapo plastic water bottle to add to the collection. My shirt for this race will be advertising that I am “unavailable.” It’s a cupid race and I guess some runners will be looking for love. Sorry, guys. I’m taken. Single runners or those "looking" could chose an "available" shirt which is red with white letters. Not sure anyone will even be seeing my shirt. Tomorrow’s high is listed as 18 degrees. I’m going to need at least two layers of shirts and some kind of jacket. I'm hoping to wear my spiffy new Brooks jacket. I’ll bring the cupid shirt along and see what everyone else is doing. I ordered size medium, but it’s a big looking medium. It should fit over two layers of running shirts.

That's me - unavailable.
With 6 to 10 inches of snow on the ground, my running strategy will be to just run and not fall down. This race is being run mostly on park trails and I doubt anyone will be out snow blowing the trails. It would be nice to bring home a silly little plastic trophy, but not at the risk of injury.

Slow and steady will be the only way to run this race. Can't wait!

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