Thursday, February 7, 2013

Snowstorm Coming, Maybe

My snazzy new Mizuno Nexus 6 - so far,
nothing special.
I guess there’s a big snowstorm headed this way. This could really screw up the Cupid’s Chase race on Saturday. If the race is going to be postponed, an announcement won’t be made until late Friday. Stupid snowstorm. And having a big race in February isn’t the smartest idea in the world. But I get it. It’s supposed to coincide with Valentine’s Day and all that. If you live in Texas, it’s great. If you live in New York, you’re taking your chances.

I did a practice 5K run on Tuesday. Well, 3.7 miles, but I pushed myself at race pace for 3.1 miles. Then Wednesday it was nice out, sunny anyway, still cold, and I did a more leisurely 3.7 mile run. I ran in completely different places, but my distance was almost exactly the same. Not sure how that happened.

I wore my new Mizuno Nexus 6 running shoes. Got them in an after-Christmas sale. I was very excited when they arrived because these are my first "real" running shoes, but can't say they are any better than my cheaper Saucony and Avia shoes. Maybe they will last longer. I only have about 20 miles on them so far. The Sauconys wore out around 200 miles. That sounds like a lot of miles, but it isn't really.

After work today, I have to go into the big city and pick up my race packet for Saturday’s race. Not looking forward to driving in the dark because I have terrible night vision, but I’ll make it.

Tuesday -
3.72 miles, 33:29 minutes, 9:00 pace

3.73 miles, 35:00 minutes, 9:22 pace


  1. I changed around are you located north east?