Friday, March 29, 2013

Injury Update

The hip still hurts. I tried to run a little yesterday, but it just hurt too much and I don't want to undo whatever healing has taken place. From what I’ve read, I do believe I have bursitis. The IT band is putting pressure on the trochanteric bursa which is inflamed and irritated and it all just hurts. I’ve been resting and stretching and even bought a foam roller to try to massage the stupid IT band. Each day it gets a little better, but I'm worried about time slipping away. My half marathon race is May 5. That only leaves me a month to train. And at the moment, I'm not training at all.

In my research on running related hip injuries, I found an excellent website: Running Injury Oracle. If you don't have a Word Press account, you'll have to sign up. It only takes a few seconds. You can search on what hurts and then follow the advice which has all kinds of great videos to go with it. It's a UK site so the narrator has a wonderful accent. I've been following the videos and the advice. I really like this website. It also gives tips on form and running.

Today I am going to try a short walk/run. Walk for a minute, run for a minute, repeat.

Injuries are frustrating. Running the 15K with an injured hip was probably not the smartest thing I have ever done, but I really wanted to run that race.

My next race is April 28th. It's a 5K and hopefully I'll be healed by then.

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