Sunday, March 31, 2013

Slow and steady

Saturday - beautiful sunny day, 48 degrees. Still a bit chilly, but at least starting to feel a little like spring. I stretched out the poor hip muscles and headed out for a slow run. The first mile hurt a little, but not too bad. For the second mile, I slowed down and tried to concentrate on my form. I’m trying to shorten my stride, lift my knees less, and lean forward ever so slightly. I was only planning on running two miles, but the hip was feeling OK, so I did another slow mile. I wound up at my favorite cemetery and walked to the top. It felt strange not to be running up the hill. Then I walked slowly down. At the bottom, I decided to try another short run. I managed 2.2 slow miles, then thought I might be pushing my luck and walked the rest of the way home. I got cold quickly once I stopped running. 48 is not warm when you're wearing one thin layer of running clothes.

Today the hip is just a little sore. Being Easter, I had lunch with family and then it started raining. If tomorrow is nice at all, I’m going to try for four miles. I’m anxious to get back to where I was before this annoying hip pain began. Of course where I was is what caused the hip pain. Going too far too fast. Slow and steady won't win a race, but it's better than not running at all.

3.03 miles, 29:06 minutes, 9:36 pace
2.23 miles, 22:34 minutes, 10:07 pace (ugh)

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