Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Still ridiculously cold. Monday it was 34 degrees and windy. I managed to get in a 5.2 mile run and some grocery shopping. Not at the same time. Today it was 35 degrees and even windier. I did a 6 mile run and felt pretty good despite the horrible weather. There were spots where the wind was so strong I could barely move forward.

The hip gets a little sore around the 4 mile point, but not so bad that I can’t run. I did a few small hills today, but decided not to tackle cemetery hill. The half marathon is one month away and I need all my joints healthy and working by then. I do about 15 minutes worth of knee and hip exercises every evening and bought a foam roller to try to loosen up the IT band. I can’t tell if the foam roller is doing anything or not. Mostly it just hurts the spots that already hurt.

Tomorrow the forecast is for 50 and sunny. I hope I can get out of work early enough to head to the park and get in a 7 mile run.

5.26 miles, 50:39 minutes, 9:37 pace
6.03 miles, 56:49 minutes, 9:25 pace (that's more like it)

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