Friday, April 19, 2013

Faster, faster

Today it’s supposed to hit 70 degrees. It’s also supposed to rain. Figures. If I can get out of work early and it’s not raining, I plan on trying for 12 miles or maybe even 13.1. I’d really like to know I can run the distance without dying at the end. I know I should be able to. All my runner friends claim that if I can run 10 miles, I can run 13 miles. But I’d really like to know this for sure.

The local running group is sponsoring a Boston run tomorrow morning. It’s just a group run, not a race. It will cover 4.75 miles. The run starts at 8:00 a.m. which is way too early for me on a Saturday morning, but I’m going to do it. So far 141 have signed up. That’s a large number for this area. Some races have seen less runners than that. I’m not sure how it’s going to work because the streets won’t be blocked off and 141 runners will have to stay to the sidewalks. Should be interesting. I will be wearing blue track pants and a yellow shirt (Boston colors). It's supposed to be chilly tomorrow, 40s. My shirt is long sleeve. I should be OK.

Sunday I have a 5K race. Actually, I have two I could run in. One is at 9:00 a.m. and the other at 1:00 p.m. I like the course for the morning one, but it’s in the morning. The afternoon race has a rather boring course, but it’s in the afternoon. I will most likely do the afternoon race. I’m not pre-registered for either so it doesn’t really matter. I have yet to run a 5K in under 26 minutes and am going to try to do that on Sunday. The only way to run faster is to run faster. I just read that yesterday. Running fast is also a good way to get injured which I don’t want to do two weeks before my half marathon. I’m not a fast runner and I don’t have a desire to be a fast runner, but a race is a race and I should probably push myself just a little.

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