Monday, April 8, 2013


Spring at last, at least where I am. Today I had to travel south to York, PA for work. I have a meeting with customers tomorrow. When I got here it was 79 degrees. My hotel is in a residential area and I really hoped I’d be able to get in an outdoor run, but dinner with co-workers lasted too long so I had to settle for the hotel treadmill. Tomorrow is probably going to be the same. Perfect weather and I still wind up on a treadmill.

Last week I managed to run a total of 26.49 miles. Got in a 7.05 mile run on Thursday and a very windy 8.15 run on Friday. The wind was insane. I hope to be up to 10 miles by the end of the week, but this trip is really getting in the way of my training. I’ll be heading back on Wednesday, but won’t be able to get in a long run until Friday or Saturday. The good thing about my last two runs is that the hip held up. Just a tiny bit of tightness in the final mile and hardly any discomfort the following day. I don’t want to say it’s healed, but it’s definitely much better. Sunday I tried a shorter, but faster run. It was still windy, but not so bad that I was being pushed backwards. I averaged a pace of 9:12. I actually thought I was doing a little better than that, but the wind never let up.

7.05 miles, 1:06:32 minutes, 9:26 pace
8.15 miles, 1:17:25 minutes, 9:29 pace
3.78 miles, 34:48 minutes, 9:12 pace

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