Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The hills of York, PA

I managed to get in a 3.6 mile run just before sundown. I had planned to run up the hill across from the hotel and then do loops around the housing community so I would never be too far away and lost in the dark. Well, I did that for a little while, then I was curious to see where this road went. The hillside is terraced with some beautiful homes that got more beautiful the higher up I ran. The road curved up, then down and I ended up this small town about a half mile from the hotel. By then it was starting to get dark and the fastest way back to the hotel was on the main road. Luckily, traffic was light and there was a wide shoulder along the side of the road.

The roads here are nice. No potholes or rough spots and very little traffic in the hills. I ran down the middle of the road for most of my run in the housing area. And it was a lovely 75 degrees. I wore shorts and a very lightweight singlet.

When I got back to my room, I was very pleased with the download from my Garmin. Mile one was run in 9:14. This was mostly uphill. Mile two was run in 9:04. Mile three was back to 9:14. This was mostly downhill. I’m not very good at downhill. The last 0.64 miles were run at a pace of 8:47. I was a little nervous being on a main road with the sun almost down and really picked up the pace to get back to the hotel. The road was also very flat.

Hip update – not even a twinge.

Tomorrow I head for home and doubt I’ll have time for a run by the time I get back.

3.64 miles, 33:11 minutes, 9:07 pace

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