Monday, April 22, 2013

Run united for Boston

Group shot taken before the run. I'm in the back behind some tall guy.
I'm the one in yellow. Not sure who
the lady next to me is, but she was
very nice.

On Saturday, I ran with 150 local runners in a United For Boston run. It was a nice run. Way too early in the morning for me, but still nice. And, of course, it was COLD! Enough of this cold weather! I started off running with some marathoners that I didn’t know. Even though it wasn’t a race, people kept passing when they had the chance. Runners want to run their pace. I understood and did the same thing. I eventually wound up with runners I knew. The run was 4.75 miles and it went by quickly. I didn’t bring my Garmin, but we were running along pretty good. I know we ran it in less than 50 minutes. Afterwards there was water and coffee donated by someone. Runners are good to each other. Even though I was hot and sweaty by the end of the run, I needed coffee. Everyone signed a poster and $1,000 was collected and donated to the victims of the Boston attack.

Many people in the run were wearing Boston marathon jackets and finisher medals around their necks. Will I ever be good enough to just finish a marathon?

I've been running for just over a year now. I can still remember the day I ran a mile without stopping. Now I can run 10 miles without stopping. 26.2 miles seems almost impossible at the moment, but so did 13.1 a year ago. In less than 2 weeks, I'll be attempting the impossible.

4.75 miles in less than 50 minutes

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