Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Praise for 5Ks

Last year I ran almost every local 5K race that I could. It was my incentive to keep running. This year I decided I would pick one or two a month. Races cost money and require scheduling. My weekends are often busy.

This month’s race was the big half marathon that I ran a few weeks ago. That was all I was planning to run for the month of May. I’ve run a bunch of 5Ks. Do I really need to run any more? Can’t I just go run 3.1 miles if I want to? Well, I certainly can, but it’s not the same as being in a race. Even if I try to run at racepace, there’s a certain energy that only comes from being around other runners all trying to do their best. My only real competitor is myself, trying to break a PR or tackle a tough course, but having people in front of and behind me gives me energy that I never find when I’m just out for a run.

There’s a 5K race this Saturday. A fundraiser for scholarships for a local high school and it’s being organized by the local running club (that I am now a member of) who always do an excellent job. The pre-registration deadline has passed, but I can sign up the day of and I think I will.

I’m not really a social person. I don’t enjoy being with large groups of people, but I really enjoy running with them. How strange.

24.28 miles for the week of May 6th, average pace: 9:05

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